PE & Sports Premium

Statement 2016/2017

During the period, April 2016 to March 2017, the school received a total allocation of £8220.  It is intended that this funding will be used in the following areas:

  • Provide high quality subsidised after school sports clubs
  • Provide free to all lunch time sports clubs
  • Deliver targeted professional development opportunities ina  range of 'WOW' sports
  • Improve the opportunities for children to take part in competitive sports
  • Provide improved equipment for sports lessons, playtimes and after school clubs

Statement 2015/2016

During the period, April 2015 to March 2016, the school received a total allocation of £8260.  This funding has predominantly been targeted to ensure that high quality physical education and school sport contributes to a range of outcomes for our children:

Ensure that high quality PE and sport is sustainable at All Saints by:

  • engaging the services of an Olympic athlete to deliver curriculum coverage
  • providing weekly Professional Development for both teaching and non-teaching staff, including after-school club assistant. 
  • purchasing relevant PE resources to ensure that the current level of curriculum provision can be sustained in years to come

 Develop children’s enthusiasm for sporting activities by:

  • Supporting reduced rates for after school sports clubs throughout the year
  • Fully funding a street dance club to facilitate a group of KS2 children performing at a local theatre
  • Fully funding a Maypole & Country dancing club to facilitate children performing at community events
  • Providing opportunities for children to take part in sports festivals and competitions with schools in our local cluster
  • Providing good quality playground equipment for the children. 

 Increase physical literacy while supporting children’s physical development by:

  • developing staff skills in planning and delivering high quality PE & Sport
  • ensuring that children are effectively assessed
  • ensuring progress in skills is tracked
  • increasing level of participation in after school sport activities 

This has resulted in:

  1. Increased levels of skill and commitment to a healthy lifestyle being clearly demonstrated by pupils.
  2. Over 75% of our pupils now regularly access an after school sport activity each week
  3. The overwhelming majority of children are physically active for the entirety of lunch and playtimes.
  4. Well-planned PE lessons that challenge the children to develop their levels of fitness and participation.
  5. Significantly improved levels of physical development in EYFS with 70% of children achieving the Early Learning Goal for Physical Development by the end of the spring term.
  6. Significantly improved levels of physical development on entry to Reception can be seen in children who access our Busy Bees nursery.