Values & Ethos

Our Ethos

‘Caring for each other, succeeding together’ is our school motto.  We are committed to providing a happy, caring and stimulating environment for our pupils, where they will be encouraged to learn independently, develop their own Christian spirituality and to seek high standards. They will meet a range of quality learning experiences that are enjoyable and will help them grow into independent and highly motivated global learners. 

We aim to promote a positive learning environment where children are respected and nurtured.

All Saints is a cornerstone of the community, together with the church, providing the children and adults of the locality with a place to meet, greet, care and succeed together, just as the school motto says. 

Our School 

  • A place where every child is safe and secure
  • A place where everybody shares the same vision
  • A place where every person feels valued, included and respected
  • A place where there is achievement, enjoyment and celebration of success
  • A place where we all develop to our full potential
  • A place where everyone is encouraged to make a positive contribution
  • A place where we encourage parents and extended family to play a positive part in school life
  • A place where we care for each other and succeed together

Our Christian Values

We focus on one Christian Value each half term.  Our values are:
  • Hope
  • Endurance
  • Acceptance
  • Reverence
  • Thankfulness
  • Service


Our Aims

 As a school our aim for all our children is that they:

  • feel safe and secure
  • develop self-belief
  • respect themselves and others
  • are aware of their rights and have high self-esteem
  • are independent, co-operative learners
  • show high levels of motivation and perseverance
  • are curious, resilient and unafraid of taking risks
  • become confident, motivated life-long learners
  • develop the capability and desire to play a meaningful part in our community today and in the future

Our Objectives

The objectives of the school are:

  • To establish high expectations and celebrate all achievements
  • To ensure there is a positive learning environment in every classroom
  • To create and maintain a safe, secure and inclusive physical environment
  • To establish an environment in which everyone’s views and opinions are aired and valued
  • To offer extended learning opportunities for all pupils
  • To ensure the continual involvement of the whole school community