Reception Parent Information

Autumn Term 2021


Please click on the link below to view the latest Parent Information Leaflet.


Parent Information Leaflet Autumn 2021


As we move on to learning letter sounds in our Phonics sessions, please watch this clip to see how each sound is pronounced.  These are the pronunciations we use in our learning and as you will see, each sound is isolated to make it easier to blend later on, to support reading and writing. 


Jolly Phonics Letter Sounds (British English) - YouTube


The image below gives a little more information about the home learning that will be given each week.  This is in addition to regular reading and Phonics activities.

Cherry Class (Reception)  Weekly home learning activities




Please see the guide attached here for information on how to access the letter-join website, to support letter formation and handwriting.

Letter-join guide


Proud Clouds

Don't forget to send in things you are proud of.  We love to share them with each other!

If you don't have any at home please ask a member of staff or you can print some off here.

Proud Clouds