Mrs Devenport
Teacher: Mrs Devenport


Summer Term 2024

Welcome to Oak Class

Please see Oak Class Parent Information Leaflet for this term's Parent Information Leaflet and Oak Class Homework for the homework activities. Keep an eye on our Oak Class Blog to see what we've been up to in class!

This term we will be exploring a range of exciting topics...



Around the World with The Three Bears

The children will focus on a traditional tales and they will write their own traditional tale with a twist. They will also explore the idea of the bears going on holiday. They will recount the bears’ experiences and write a non-chronological report about one of the destinations they visit.

In Geography, the children will develop their atlas skills to identify continents and countries.


Once Upon a Poem

The children will explore funny poems and limericks and then create their own based on familiar subject matter.

In Art, the children will use a range of media to create a portrait based on a funny poem.



Great Britain, Great Britons

The children will find out about well-known and influential Britons in the world of art, design and craft. Using a range of digital literacy skills, the children will research an artist/designer and compile a biography about them. They will also try to emulate the work of the chosen artist/designer using the appropriate media.



No Place Like Home

The children will explore homes over time in their local area. They will compare a range of houses, looking for similarities and differences. They will also write a narrative based on a text about homes/houses.

In Design Technology, the children will use mechanisms to make a household object.