A new National Curriculum was introduced in September 2014.  Our staff have devised an exciting and creative curriculum that develops knowledge, skills and understanding.  The curriculum maps below give an overview of the topics that will be covered during this academic year.  

September 2016 saw the introduction of a new question based curriculum here at All Saints.  We believe that our question based learning challenges children whilst at the same time developing their independent learning skills as they are encouraged to ask and answer their own questions within each topic.

EYFS Curriculum Map    Class 1 Curriculum Map    Class 2 Curriculum Map

Further information relevant to topics can be found in our termly Parent Information Leaflets located on each class page.

Throughout EYFS and KS1 we use Letters & Sounds to deliver our Phonics curriculum, supported by programs such as Phonics Play.

In order to support the development of reading in school we use books from a variety of different schemes and these are leveled according to the PM Benchmark system.   We also use PM Benchmark to regular assess the children and ensure that they progress through the levels at an appropriate rate.  PM Benchmark supports the assessment of word recognition, fluency and comprehension.  Some of the reading schemes that we use are: Oxford Reading Tree, Project X, Bug Club, Songbirds etc.

Please click here to find information about our PSHE Curriculum.



All schools are required to have in place their own assessment system to track the progress of all pupils within the curriculum.  As we are part of the Stone Partnership of Schools, made up of Alleynes Academy, Christchurch Academy and Walton Priory Middle School, along with eight other First Schools in the area, we have implemented an agreed assessment process which will be used to track pupil progress throughout their First, Middle and High School education journey.  The aim is to produce a robust, common assessment system that will ensure that all children leaving our school to attend Middle School will leave with a set of assessment data that matches the tracking system used at both Christ Church Academy and Walton Priory. 

At each Open Evening you will be given information about both your child's progress and attainment as they move through each year group.  At the end of the summer term you will receive a written report that will give information on your child's achievement in relation to the standards, as defined by the DFE, for each year group.

The terminology for attainment that we use is as follows:

Your child is working below the expected range for their age.  This would mean that your child had not met the expected standard for their age group.

Your child is working well within the expected range for their age.  This would mean that your child had met all of the standards expected for a child of their age.

Your child is working at greater depth within the standard.  This would mean that your child had exceeded the expected standard and has a strong understanding of the concepts taught this year and has been working on extension activities to further develop their problem-solving skills.