Kingfisher Club

Kingfisher Club provides before and after-school activities in a safe happy environment based in the Intervention Room, supervised by professional, experienced staff. Kingfisher Club is open during term time only, from Monday to Friday between 7.45am & 8.55am and between 3.30 pm and 5.30pm.

All children who attend Busy Bees Nursery and All Saints First School are eligible to register.



During Kingfisher Breakfast Club the children will be able to access a variety of free choice activities. These may include board games, drawing & colouring activities etc.

A programme of activities will be available at the start of each half term for Kingfisher After School Club. The children will be able to access a range of activities over the course of a week including activities such as Maths, Homework, Gardening, Top Trumps, Lego etc.  Sporting clubs are also available during the week.  These are provided by Premier Sports and Stafford Sports.

Please find below registration forms and details for Kingfisher Club.