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Safer internet Day 2019

Tuesday 5th February was Safer Internet Day. All of the children in school completed some activities to support their understanding, at an age appropriate level, of using the internet safely.

Reception: Watched Lee and Kim's Animal Magic Cartoon and learned about 4 top tips:

- People on the internet are strangers
- Never give out personal information
- Be polite
-tell an adult if the internet makes you uncomfortable

Class 1 and Class 2: Focused on consent and what that means. They talked about giving consent and asking consent in different situations. E.g adding someone to a group chat.

Class 2 then talked about giving consent for websites to collect personal data and when/when not to do that and remember that it is always ok to say no if you are unsure.
In order support parents in keeping children safe when using the internet at home, an information booklet was sent home.