Mrs Devenport
Teacher: Mrs Devenport



Autumn Term 2018


Welcome to the Reception Class Home page!

Autumn Term First Half

This term we will be learning all about ourselves and we will try to answer our main learning question, 'What do I know about me?' We will start our topic by exploring what we know about our families and homes and we will discover what makes us the same and different. At the end of the topic we will have the opportunity to explore using  our senses.

Autumn Term Second Half

In the second part of the term we will focus on observing the wonderful changes that occur as we travel through autumn. We will try to answer our learning question, 'Why are there so many leaves on the ground?'  We will begin by thinking about our ever changing weather and we will discover what the weather is like around the world. As the weather turns colder we will start to think about Christmas and the animals that enjoy the snow! There will be lots to investigate, such as 'Why are leaves different shapes?'