Mrs Brammer
Teacher: Mrs Brammer


Welcome to the Early Years Homepage

Autumn Term 2017


Welcome to the Reception Class Home page and a new reception class.

This academic year we are using questions as a focus for our learning adventure. We start with

'What do I know about me?'

We shall be finding out all about our similarities and differences by asking the following questions:

How am I the same as my friends?

How am I different than my friends?

What makes a family?

What I like best is..?

How do I keep my body healthy?

What is outside my window?

Who helps to look after me?

Already the children have found out that they know quite a lot about themselves! We then continue the questions each week so that their knowledge and ideas are challenged and explored.

As the children learn about themselves the Early Years staff will learn about the children's likes, dislikes and their individual characteristics.


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