Mrs Devenport
Teacher: Mrs Devenport

Class One


Summer Term 2017

Welcome to our Class One Homepage!

This term our main themes will be ‘We are what we eat!’ and 'Oh I do like to be beside the seaside!'. We will be answering a number of learning questions throughout the term. By the end we will try to answer questions like: ‘How can we grow a salad?’ and 'Which birds and plants would Little Red Riding Hood find in our school grounds?' We will find out how the Titanic sank and learn more about the passengers on board the ship. As the topic progresses we will also discover more about the different types of common birds and plants that live and grow in the school  grounds.                                                    

Please see the topic homework for ideas about how you could encourage your child to develop their knowledge and understanding at home.

For further information about the topic and other subject areas please read the Parent Information Leaflet.